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Alternatives to Ethereum – ICOs on NEM, stellar & co.

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is still the dominant platform for the implementation of ICOs Ethereum. However, various other Blockchains already indicate that in future other alternatives could huddle up. Is Ethereums dominance coming to an end?

The supremacy of the Ethereum starts crumble something? In January made ICO of startups Mobius of talk, whose token sale went mid-month on the stage. The reason for the increased attention however was a remarkable use case, nor the received sum of $ 39 million. Rather the ICO was that he was the previously biggest, carried not Ethereum, but stellar.

A long time about one not passed Ethereum, if they were looking for a platform, on which you could put on a Blockchain project and perform an ICO. Ethereum offers a suitable and convenient infrastructure, which anticipates the basic framework structure of an own Blockchain. There’s also a standard tokens, which are built on Ethereum, can rely with ERC20. Meanwhile, three are with EOS, TRON, and ICON ERC20 token in the top 15, with VeChain, populous, and OmiseGO, three more in the top 30. Of the tokens listed in the top 100 all Ethereum based on tether (Omni) and gas (NEO).

However, this dominance does not mean that there are no promising alternatives. Currently, there are thirteen Blockchains on which a successful designated ICO has already occurred in addition to Ethereum -. In addition to the above mentioned stellar, NEO and Omni include this NEM, Qtum, BitShares and waves. It is however assumed that, in the near future, more well-known Blockchain projects will allow ICOs.

Specifically NEO with the self-image goes out, to represent a real alternative to Ethereum – despite all the differences between the two platforms. So 200 were placed on the Chinese Blockchain platform in January four token successfully in the top. Waves also is popular for ICO projects for quite some time. As an open source platform similar to Bitcoin client, Omni, on which is based the US dollar equivalent of tether, represents a special case. The use-case is to create tokens for commercial purposes. Stellar, Qtum and NEM, however, are still at the beginning, started but already promising projects.

The situation that 2018 could face Ethereum ICO market, somewhat reminiscent of what happened to 2017 on the crypto market the Bitcoin. After BTC United for years always more than 90 percent of market capital to be invested in crypto, Altcoins in the course of the year – made well led by Ethereum – quite a bit of ground. To a much-heralded Flippening – by IM-throne poking of Bitcoins by an other Kryptowährung – never has the. Despite loss, keeps the Bitcoin since the beginning of the year constantly about one-third of the market capital and serves still as the reserve currency of the crypto market.

This translated to Ethereum means that in all likelihood on the dominant role coin offering not much will change in terms of initial. The ERC20 standard will also remain a significant reference point when it comes to create a new token based on an existing Blockchain. However, the ability to use other Blockchains for ICOs reduce the automatism with which the Ethereum choice falls. Therefore an increasing decentralisation takes place on the ICO market, which takes into account the basic idea of any Blockchain application.


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