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An SME plays National Bank and launched the digital Swiss franc have


the Swiss SMEs launched scenic Swisscoast GmbH digital Swiss franc as a new Kryptowährung. To other Kryptowährungen such as e.g. Bitcoin the digital Swiss franc can be used in contrast at any time at the nominal value of the official Swiss currency (CHF). The project thus strongly reminiscent of the token tether, which is designed as an equivalent figure to the U.S. dollar. 

Beginning of February the Bernese SMEs has launched a new, stable Kryptowährung called digital Swiss francs in life scenic Swisscoast GmbH which is subject to no fluctuations against the Swiss franc, the Swiss National Bank . Sold the digital Swiss franc is online and can be purchased at the scenic Swisscoast GmbH. For these “digital twin» against the Swiss franc, there are two possibilities. On the one hand he is accepted Festival IFF international innovation film as currency on the which will take place from 14 to 18 February 2018 in Bern. The digital Swiss franc will be accepted also by the scenic Swisscoast GmbH as means of payment for the own services.

Why a digital Swiss franc?

Different objectives are pursued with the introduction of the digital Swiss francs. In addition to a new form of customer loyalty, the Bernese SMEs thus consolidates its already established position in the context of national and international innovation technologies. At the same time, another project is realized in this way, where scenic Swisscoast GmbH demonstrated his expertise on the basis of a concrete implementation and paves the way for other Blockchains or Kryptowährungen.

Because the digital Swiss francs in an initial phase with a clearly predefined money supply and sale terms and conditions respecting the regulatory requirements, no permit is necessary for this endeavor. For the transfer of the digital Swiss franc can be used on existing channels and apps: the transfer is possible from Smartphone to Smartphone. Compared to proprietary payment systems such as e.g. Twint, the digital Swiss franc also has an important advantage: it corresponds to the Ethereum standard and is compatible with many existing Blockchain DApps.

In an introductory phase until March 1, 2018 the digital Swiss franc in respect is enhanced in addition. While the course to the Swiss franc still at least 1:1, up to 15% will be transferred as purchased more digital Swiss francs. The Swiss francs at the SNB is fraught with negative interest rates, partly at the moment you can get guaranteed added value, however, in the «digital twin». The digital Swiss franc proved twice in this context.

A Swiss tether?

Overall, the whole concept of a Kryptowährung linked to the rate of the Swiss franc strongly reminds the token tether, which stands in a similar relationship to the US dollar. Tether is a popular agent due to the fixed prices to the dollar at many exchanges, to bypass the direct exchange of crypto in Fiat. So, as profits can be realized using the token, without realizing they really effective. Last tether was however also strongly advised in the critique, as the actual cover of tethers has been doubted by $ . To what extent the digital Swiss francs in practice is for a similar application, like its American counterpart, it remains to be seen.


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 Tobias Schmidt is Tobias Schmidt since August 2017 as editor in the BTC ECHO working team. His studies in the subject of politics and Economics at the University of Münster signed with a Bachelor’s degree and was also active during his studies at the Department as a student assistant. In addition, he gained professional experience in parliamentary work and in strategic communication, before joining in the journalistic trade. Since 2017 he deals with the Blockchain technology, whereby it focuses in particular on the many different application possibilities in politics, economy and society.

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