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Bee tokens and WeTrust are working on an alternative to Airbnb

article read let:

Blockchain-start-ups bee tokens and WeTrust from San Francisco kind of want to call together decentralized Airbnb in the life. This information replace with each other, to improve the customer experience.

The start up bee tokens for short term rentals and financial services platform WeTrus t work together to develop a “decentralized insurance based on crowdsourcing deposits”. The deposits will form a financial buffer for the hosts, who are listed on the Beenest platform bee tokens, as well as for guests.

So that this project can be implemented, the two plan start-ups together to connect, to share information about users, including their general trust as a tenant or host. The idea behind this is that the two companies can reduce the cost of failure or damage. Insurance against possible damage to property is to create interest. The companies want access to a sharing economy geared to nights in this manner.

The CEO of WeTrust George Li said in a statement :

“we can be happier about this partnership with bee tokens. This cooperation is precisely the innovative application, we believe that it brings to light the advantages of our platform. In the management of complex processes in decentralized insurance and insurance-like products across different industries across is to be demonstrated.”

The platform bee tokens has a same name token, which so far included a presale of ten million US dollars. The public sale of the token begins later this month. In a recent interview San Francisco Chronicle with the co-founder Jonathan Chou suggested bee tokens, that the platform in a way those should meet, already in the world of Kryptowährungen are involved.

“we are strongly interested in the Kryptowährungscommunity. At the beginning of our platform is not so intuitive for mainstream users”, said Jonathan Chou of the newspaper. “We think there is a certain need in it, that people have the opportunities to be able to spend Bitcoin.”


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