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Bitcoin, futures & the stock market: What happens next read

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NASDAQ CEO Adena Friedman has expressed in a details about plans for its own futures program interview. Meanwhile, the first round of futures by CME looks forward to its end. A review of.

In principle they could not be more different: a new Kryptowährung, on decentralization and anonymity designed on the one hand, on the other hand a traditional centralized institution and their instruments. As already in December CBOE and CME, will now also NASDAQ futures of the Bitcoin benefit.

In an interview with CNBC, Adena Friedman announced details for the contracts announced in November. As interview from the you will differentiate itself with the own futures program of the competition.

While the focus is on the price and its evolution is the CBOE and CME futures, NASDAQ wants to move this focus. It is so much more to a investment than to a tracking system. As motivation, she performs in particular the “network” effect and assumes that after more people wanted to go into the crypto business not to lose the connection.

An exact date and a definite decision is remained. While at the launch of the futures was criticized in December, that they are not well thought out, NASDAQ wants to insure apparently: “we look still exactly on risk management and we make sure that we use the correct protocols. Also we make sure that the contracts are different from those who are already on the market.”  Ultimately, they wanted but still wait, whether there was enough demand for the products. Looking at the development of futures, in hindsight seems this needs to exist – at least theoretically.

The previously launched futures

launch the first futures round started on December 10 last year, which was Bitcoin course in 15.000 dollars. As the futures expired on January 17, the rate was at $ 11,000, as can be seen on the course.

The second round of futures by CME was launched on 18 December. At that time the price was the previously undefeated all time high of $ 20,000. Your end is to date still out – to be precise until January 26.

To the whole thing in connection with the course development and potential gains to bring, is once again on the reminds how it works futures. Who “bets in futures on a decline”, operates so-called shorting. It agrees in at a certain time, to buy a fixed quantity of a commodity at an agreed price.

When you now have the right hands, it can benefit twice with this system. Who: buys at a reasonable price, may sell expensive. Who sells expensive, a safe bet that the price drops again. After the futures starts the game from the beginning: If the price rises again, you can do it theoretically ad absurdum. You must only correctly bet .

As chance would have it now so, the star for experienced brokers presided over shortly, after and during the startup of the futures for the correct use of quite cheap.

We play the best scenario for investors. This would have can buy theoretically so sometime before the start of the CBOE Futures or even on the day of the launch. He would have then you can shorten and bet to the fact that the price falls again until January 17th (keyword: bloodbath ). At the same time, that person would have shortly thereafter, best sold again at the all time high, and thus made a first win.

As luck would have it also, the previously undefeated all-time high of just under $20,000 coincides with the start of the second round of futures on 18 December. Would have are those lucky person pay out their profits, then release the first profit would be painted a.

She would then have the launch of CME Futures (by winning) again geshortet, would this person probably also go with profits from the history – assuming the price rises until tomorrow again to $ 20,000. The course development should follow this logic so the course would increase again following the expiry of the CME futures, so on January 26. Then starts the second round of the CME.

Certainly much in the subjunctive is spoken here, one must be careful here to wear the Aluhut upside soon. But so much correlation it is worth at least at least to describe them. Aluhut or not: it is exciting.


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