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Cake wallet: Locally’s open-source-iOS-wallet | BTC-ECHO

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locally hangs up when it comes to wallets, far behind other Kryptowährungen. Therefore, the mobile wallet, cake wallet, which has found its way in the iOS app store is a big step.  

A few days ago was announced on reddit/r/locally an iOS-wallet . The developers asked the community at the same time according to important features. Unanimously asked him to publish the code, so that he could be tested for safety. In fact, the developer agreed to open the code to the review . The review process is already under way.

Until the first estimates arrive, you should transfer still no significant buzz on the mobile wallet. Who wants to play around with smaller amounts and test the software. You should be wallet but always careful in dealing with, because even if the available on GitHub code has no errors, there is no guarantee that this code is also the same, of the app in the Apple app store used .

Cake wallet is free of charge and financed, as all projects in the community locally, through donations.

The cake wallet design

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The GUI is designed for pretty, as so often with Apple. It’s cake wallet is a light weight client, so a wallet storing not the complete Blockchain. It would take relatively much space for a mobile phone. It connects the wallet with a remote node, to access the Blockchain. This is a trade off between usability and security, since the remote node can see the IP address of the user. This attack vector is eliminated to Kovri update.

So far, the integration of locally in existing wallets proved difficult. Different providers (ledger, Coinomi…) work since it was quite some time on a locally-integration, but so far not a hardware-wallet or a mobile-wallet available.


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