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article let malicious software in many crypto-apps:

RiskIQ according to a recent study of the company security researchers are using 20 official app stores is still more than 660 apps to download the one offered, contain dangerous malware. The cybercriminals have bent next to the wallets of Smartphone owners on their personal data. Unfortunately check up date very few operators of app stores there offered software on any back doors.

The behaviour of the operators of app stores little has changed since the last warning of malicious software in November of last year apparently. Many companies allow to download an update or a new app without any examination due to time constraints. RiskIQ security researchers studied etc. Google play 18.408 apps for a wide variety of operating systems of the various download portals such as APKPlz, SameAPK, Apple’s app store, on back doors. In the Android store Google play most were found with 272 malware pro rata. Total 661 apps through the check fell through. The result was widely negative at high-tech bridge. There, errors in the programming or in the transmission of sensitive data were found in comparatively superficial tests in 90% of all cases, with which one could get without much effort on the mobile wallet of the user. However, the investigation of high-tech bridge was limited only to apps for Android smartphones .

The cybercriminals operate on a global scale in a downright “ outlaw digital world “, RiskIQ Manager Fabian Libeau commented on the results of the current survey. Who entrusts his coins of an app that should choose them wisely. Especially, you should respect the app stores before any installation on the count carried out so far and the previous customer reviews to reduce the risk. Alternatively, there is the possibility to use only official apps of the online trading courses, where it is already logged on. This also applies to the case, unless alternative apps have a similar or even greater functionality.


Unfortunately, there is also in this press release a list of the apps affected by malicious software along with the source.

The Californian security firm RiskIQ also found in its investigation that various hackers have put a lot of time in the search engine optimization in advance. Who wants to hide a backdoor into its own software, enquires before, often sought after what keywords in the name or the description of the app. Most of the hackers have “bitcoin wallet” in the English-language app stores keywords like “bitcoin exchange”, or “cryptocurrency” housed, to maximize the number of possible installations of their app and thus their revenue.


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