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Archiv für Juli 2018

No Biggie: McDonald’s Own ‚Currency‘ Is Just A (Physical) Commemorative Coin

McDonald’s will celebrate the 50th birthday of its flagship Big Mac burger by issuing its own “tangible” currency, the company revealed this week. MacCoin ‘Transcends Currencies’ As the company explains in a press release Sunday, the ‘currency,’ dubbed ‘MacCoin,’ will serve as a means of rewarding customers with free burgers and also serve as a…


Live out Your Wildest Crypto-Fantasies with Blockchain Tycoon

Have you ever dreamt of running a worldwide network of warehouses mining cryptocurrency? Yeah, okay… but would you be satisfied playing a game where you ran a worldwide network of warehouses mining cryptocurrency? Then Blockchain Tycoon might just be the game for you!  Blockchain Tycoon In this cryptocurrency simulator, you get the chance to start…

Weiterlesen Try Strong-Arm Tactics to Promote Bitcoin Cash Adoption

Roger Ver and are brandishing the weight of the domain name in the latest attempt at market manipulation — as it appears that they have a new policy of delisting exchanges which do not support BCH, as highlighted by Reddit user “ecurrencyhodler” yesterday.  An email explaining the new policy sent to Swiss cryptocurrency exchange starts innocuously enough. The…


Crypto Potential for 1.7 Million Unbanked Adults

Have you heard of the unbanked? According to The World Bank, “Globally, about 1.7 billion adults remain unbanked—without an account at a financial institution or through a mobile money provider.” Even doing something as simple as paying a water or gas bill can be very time consuming and stressful for the unbanked, especially if the…


VanEck Letter To SEC Details ‚Appropriate‘ Answers To Bitcoin ETF Worries

Investment management firm VanEck has lobbied the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in a fresh attempt to interest the regulator in authorizing a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). VanEck: Proposed ETF ‘Consistent’ With Law In a letter dated July 20, VanEck, which earlier this month announced it planned to collaborate with fellow operator SolidX to…


Blockchain Platform for Direct Digital Content Trade Released

A marketplace on a blockchain for the photo industry plans to expand into other means of digital content. The new platform Wemark leverages smart contracts, allowing photographers to license their content to customers directly, not giving up the rights to the middlemen and keeping an essential share of the revenue. Distributed  Stock Photo Marketplace Launched,…


Cosplay Is a Hidden Gem for Crypto Investors

Cosplay is no longer a child’s play. It is an industry worth US$ 45 bln, which is growing at the CAGR of 15 percent each year. The growing acceptance of cosplay has transformed the perceptions and made cosplayers into a vital asset that helps fuel the global entertainment business. Cosplay platforms such as Cure WorldCosplay…


Bitcoin Futures Trading Up 93%, Reports CME Group

A recent tweet from CME Group, one of the first companies to offer bitcoin futures trading, reports that average daily trading volumes are up 93% and open interest surpassed 2,400 contracts, a 58% increase. There have been mixed opinions about the success of bitcoin-based futures options since their inception in December 2017, when Cboe Global…


Lition is The World’s First Operational Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Platform

“Bringing power to the people,” is the motto of Berlin-based Lition, and the green energy blockchain trading platform is poised to do that globally. The project brings transparency and sustainability into the currently closed-off energy system and directly links clean energy producers to consumers on Lition’s blockchain application. The company is already licensed as an…