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Archiv für November 2021

Is Bitcoin On The Ropes? Indonesia’s CBDC Aims To Give A Fight –

As Bitcoin has been declared ‘haram’ in Indonesia and the country’s Central Bank considers issuing a digital rupiah, an official suggested in the parliament that a central bank digital currency (CBDC) would be instrumental in fighting the threat that cryptocurrencies’ trading represents for the banks and fiat money. This is shared thought with other central…


Colony Aims to Level Up Avalanche After Raising $18.5M –

Avalanche ecosystem accelerator Colony is celebrating its biggest raise to date, having welcomed $18.5 million of investment from a slew of VC firms. The company, which aims to lay the foundations for the next wave of decentralized applications (dApps) built on Avalanche, received capital from the likes of Shima Capital, Hashkey, GBV Capital, and Bixin…


Devastating Problems With The Chivo Wallet –

During Bitcoin Week, reports of the Chivo Wallet stealing people’s Bitcoin reached a mainstream audience. Salvadorans have been dealing with the issue and reporting it to tech support for a while, without much luck. The international influencers that recently visited El Salvador have a much wider audience, and they are very confident that they know…


How to Yield BUSD with BUSDMatrix, Explained –

Why has there been such a pronounced swing towards decentralized finance (Defi)? Well, it is because of all the lucrative earning opportunities on Defi that can help you generate a decent amount of passive income. There are a number of ways you can generate generous yield with crypto sitting in your wallets. One of the…


Oly Sport -Selling NFT Horses on Binance NFT November 30th –

Horse racing: the marriage of skillful and diligent care, breeding, and training, with the unbridled spirit of the horse. People have been passionate about horse racing since before our records existed, and it’s no wonder why. Years of dedication by both horse and master lead to a single moment of truth for all to see.…


“Metaverses will never replace the real world” – Daniil Andriyanov, CEO of –

In 2017 a blockchain-based crypto-lottery Flip’s Star (now True Group iGaming company) conducted its fundraising campaign featuring the TFL token as the native governance token of the project. TFL token is now a part of the True Group company, together with True Partners (casino operator), True Lab (game provider) and True Label (casino developing platform).…