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Exclusive interview: Serokell CEO Seroka read

article can be about angry men and good ideas:

with Serokell want the development team around CEO Arseniy Seroka and CTO Jonn Mostovoy simplify functional programming languages [Haskell, Common Lisp, Swift] and in the Bring mainstream. Arseniy Seroka about functional programming languages, mad men, smart women and dazzling ideas.

Hi Arseniy, but briefly introduce yourself. You’ve already worked for Cardano – what motivated you to start your own project?

Serokell is a company that offers Blockchain solutions, functional programming languages development and consulting. Caradano is just one of the projects we are working on, we were independent from the beginning. Caradano was one of the first projects, in which we worked (and which still remains one of the most successful). Of course, one must admit that’s the necessary experience and knowledge has given us, to attack every other project that gives us that.

To find detailed information about Serokell is not easy – can you explain a little bit closer us, what is at stake?

Sure? We have a website and a Twitter account, where you can interact with us every day. I think though that I’ve outlined it already quite well, want to go but something in detail. Programming techniques are outdated and become insecure, because it is only on the motto “move fast and break things” [about work quickly and destroy rules and established à la Zuckerberg].

This is not enough however to work with Blockchains. If you destroy a Blockchain, it was that that’s why we bring a new paradigm. We offer functional programming languages development and consulting, to either implement the ideas or making it more efficient and safer. Projects on which we work with include Cardano SL and platforms such as ales and TeachMePlease.

Serokell: Angry men and pretty women?

All right. On your Github profile it says, you are a “team of angry men and pretty women who use functional languages, to make the world a better and safer place” – what makes you angry? How will this change Serokell?

We’re not angry. Actually we are very friendly, on Monday morning. It is a joke and a vague reference to a movie. We should write something Smarteres and Höflicheres perhaps, but who looks at GitHub profiles already.

Tell us a bit about “Importify” and has to it with the whole project.

“Importify” is one of our open-Tools source to make easier to read code for ourselves and others. As such, we use it to clean up our code in our projects. We develop open source tools to help us as well as for the Haskell community to focus – dazzling ideas and excellent projects on the really important things.

What are your plans for the future? What are the next steps?

We want to bring functional programming into the mainstream. Many existing programs are unpredictable, unsafe or dangerous. Functional programming is not the panacea, not all questions that have programmers, but helps a lot. Our plans are currently to enlarge the community, to help the Cardano-Blockchain (we will be announcing a new project coming soon) and help to bring some great new Blockchain projects at the start.


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