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Facebook & Instagram: Read forbidden

article allow advertising for Kryptowährungen & ICOs:

the new directive by Facebook and Instagram prohibits since yesterday the publication any advertisement for Kryptowährungen, ICOs and other digital Financial products that are “fraudulent practices associated or often with misleading”. For many advertisers, this is a setback because of the large market share and the intensive use of social networks.

Bad news for all companies who specifically want to advertise their services or products Facebook and Instagram. Was yesterday the company previous guidelines according to blog post a new added. Because you want to avert any damage from its users, no videos and banner ads are more allowed since yesterday, acting Kryptowährungen, ICOs or other digital financial products. Also the user be invited on Instagram and Facebook to report even advertising that negatively striking them.

Although one wants out continue to deliver advertising on Facebook and Instagram users, as stated in the blog post. But not if it is digital financial products, because this now often “ not in good faith ” are offered. The operating company of social networks has taken content far the lock until one this is better able to distinguish serious from misleading advertising. Until then, such ads in the company’s own advertising network are the “ audience network “, prohibited. As soon as it is possible to distinguish the ads on their seriousness, the locked business to narrow again. It remains to be seen whether back ads for products from the crypto-sector will be allowed. More information is not running yesterday blog post by Rob Leathern (product management Director).


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