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FedEx continues his Blockchain plans for the logistics have


the global shipping giant FedEx has begun to integrate blockchain-based platforms, in his daily work by he the Blockchain in transport Alliance (BiTA) is joined.

Freightwaves a news agency for the cargo shipping industry, reported that FedEx has begun the development of a set of industry standards for the use of Blockchain within the framework of the BiTA. The company, which is also a founding member of the Organization, has already started to test some Blockchain platforms. FedEx is also part of the BiTA Standards Board.

The Blockchain pilot program aims to save data for conflict resolution, said Dale Chrystie, Vice President of strategic planning and analysis. In the course of the project to determine what data are required for a permanent General Ledger to disputes between customers, the goods via FedEx to send and receive, to diminish.

FedEx sees great potential

the shipping giant wants to use Blockchain also to save his records, he said, and added:

“we have millions of records every day in our system and we consider a safe Blockchain Chain of evidence which could change the logistics sector. We believe that it is very promising in this area and will optimize the entire Exchange data very secure manner.”

Also Kevin Humphries, Senior Vice President of IT at FedEx, informed the agency that Blockchain platforms should allow customers to track packages more efficiently. This applies not only while they are in possession of DHL, but also before and after they pick up the company. While FedEx has outlined only a part of the possible use cases, Humphries was “hopeful that the Blockchain will have many applications”.


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