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Fell to crash on the Kryptomarkt – not only of the Bitcoin course have


jumbled on the courses. With a Bitcoin course of under 6,500 euros, a market capitalization of just over 100 billion euro and a 24-hour trading volume of almost EUR 6 million, not only of the Bitcoin writes red numbers.

Springs had not only the Bitcoin. Similar looms in the other leading Kryptowährungen. So the ether is currently 661 euros, ripple at 64 cents. The Bitcoin is with the same score at the end of November of the year. A little look into the crypto eco-system has an overall negative image that explains the uncertainty of many investors.

Negative signals

yesterday such as customers of the American credit card companies JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup Inc. and Bank of America with their credit cards no Kryptowährungen buy . As the leading financial firms of the United States due to the high volatility of Kryptowährungen for this to allow the purchase to its clients only via debit card, where the amount is debited directly decided.

Also were voices of Goldman Sachs, which have exacerbated the negative sentiment towards bit coin & co.. [19459006reportedaswe]including its annual report by Goldman Sachs read little positive on the Kryptowährungen. If the current downward trend in connection with these messages it is not surprising that many want to hedge their profits and wait for the right moment for a new beginning.

However, not only outside of the crypto eco-system there was inconvenience. To name a few, especially the falling confidence in the exchanges is in this context. In addition to the recurring security holes there were in particular problems with tether and Bitfinex. So, it is unclear whether tether is allegedly tied to the US dollar, is actually covered by Fiat money.

These factors will ultimately cause that scared investors would rather pull their money amounts, while little new capital into the ecosystem. Lack of confidence in the stock market and negative reports from the established financial limits deter new investors and entice many to do so, for the time being again to get off and to wait for the right moment to the new entry. Also, the exchanges were overloaded at times so that they do not allow new registrations, which itself has stabilized but again most.

The fall of the Bitcoin course doesn’t change its value

the current signals are of course just for short term investors unattractive – but is the current dip time and again the much-quoted chance. Also, the current course the value of the Kryptowährungen is to equate. One remembers the original idea of the Bitcoin as decentralized payment system, the current crash will not change its fundamental value. Blockchain technology will prevail as a decentralized alternative to the traditional financial system of the Bitcoin and that including further. In this way are occasional setbacks – especially as caused by external factors – not to avoid.

What is also evident is that stock exchanges better, above all, safer must develop in order to give more confidence. Ultimately only a safer ecosystem that deters new investors, nor scare off existing users provides an important basis for a more stable Kryptomarkt.


Phillip Horch Phillip

 Phillip Horch Horch has completed his master’s degree in literature-art media at the University of Konstanz in the October 2017, and has since worked as a freelance journalist. Already during his studies, he has written for various magazines and now taking hold in Berlin. In the focus of his journalistic work, particularly the opportunities and challenges are so that it deals with the complex subject of Blockchain and Kryptowährungen for some time.

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