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Forbes FINTECH 50 for 2018: the future of Blockchain and Kryptowährungen have read above


in this year’s list of the 50 companies in FINTECH 2018 nine appear total start-ups that are active in the field of Blockchain and Kryptowährungen. Besides well-known greats are also newcomers to the collection. Forbes is dedicated to the Blockchain-start-ups even an own report.

Earlier in the week that appeared the Forbes FINTECH 50 ranking for 2018, has picked out 50 companies and start-ups themselves, which will occupy a prominent role this year in the field of financial technology. In view of the significant increase in capital that has flowed in the FINTECH industry in 2017, it is not surprising that all 22 companies have managed to get on the list. Nine of the listed start ups are also from the range of Blockchain and Kryptowährungen.

Nine Blockchain companies in the list

Forbes is devoted to the large proportion of the Blockchain-start-ups at the this year’s FINTECH 50 ranking under the title “ the future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency ‘ own report. These nine selected start-ups is characterised mainly by a Blockchain infrastructure for the public crypto market. In addition, they support initiatives that could change the way and way in which financial transactions are currently made and kept, sustainably. Of the nine Blockchain-start-ups five did it, to get on the list.

The listed companies are shapeshift, symbiote, and XAPO – in alphabetical order – which ripple Bitfury group,, chain, Chainalysis, Coinbase,. In the supplementary report to the Blockchain-start-ups goes Forbes in the business fields of the respective companies in detail. In it they call among other information to the use case, to the team, as well as to the funding of the company. Indirectly, also the company Robinhood and Veeam with Blockchain technology and Kryptowährungen have to do. Some sources speak of eleven instead of nine Blockchain-start-ups. Overall it’s worth closer to the Forbes list to look and look at the two companies mentioned.


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