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Fork bit coin, i’ll read an introduction in the Bitcoin forks

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in addition to Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin gold there a lot of other Bitcoin of forks. Most of them disappear into oblivion, yet it can be interesting to know these. What is the meaning behind this hard forks and which are there currently? 

The term “Hard fork” with chain splits since Bitcoin cash and free money associated, in accordance with the price increased also in the case of the Ethereum few weeks ago, when an hard fork was announced. Many people have cash, Bitcoin gold and many other chain splits forgotten thanks to Bitcoin hard forks to have to end in a new Kryptowährung not in principle and are chain splits only special hard forks.

First and foremost, an hard fork is a significant update of a Blockchain, which required an update of all nodes. Those nodes that do not make the update, will be excluded from the Blockchain after the hard fork. Normally all nodes change therefore, strictly speaking new Kryptowährungen only in the case of failed hard forks are created when a significant part of the nodes will not join the system update. Then it comes to a fork in the Blockchain, a chain of split.

However the term hard fork has prevailed and chain splits are a special case of hard forks, spoken later by hard forks.

With regard to such hard forks it was cash in Bitcoin until the advent of Bitcoin relatively quiet. The opening was created with the Bitcoin variant setting on bigger blocks for a plethora of new forks. The below table is not entitled to completeness; Thanks to the page, now everyone interested in Forkgen can generate its own hard fork.

Hard forks – only nonsense or a new kind of proposals?

The monetary aspect to the primary think quite a few people with an hard fork is rather uninteresting: the creation of “Free money” certainly is a fine thing for the individual beneficiary and leads to a strong interest in Bitcoin before the hard fork, if one so contiguous Bitcoin adoption is however sustainable, can questioned are.

From a development-technical point of view can be however interesting the forks: represent an interesting form of an improvement proposal for Bitcoin: whereas a Bitcoin improvement proposal only about the pros and cons of a new Features can be muses, an hard fork allows to try out these features live. Viewed in that light hard forks can play a role in a future governance of Bitcoin.

Also is to say that hard fork does not always equal to hard fork. Bit core have created a snapshot of the current ownership structure between the individual Bitcoin addresses instead of bringing about the ballast of the now nine-year-old Blockchain, where the more bit core Blockchain is developed. This leads to a significantly smaller Blockchain. Other hard forks have developed hybrid models, in which coins, which were previously stored in lost addresses, in the form of airdrops or a proof of stakeholders in the system are distributed.

Similarly surely worth a look on the individual hardware forks – without a focus on the monetary aspect to throw. As was on the table that created list of of Bitcoin of forks, can be seen, there are some additions of the Bitcoin Protocol which runs like a thread through the individual variants of the Bitcoin: larger blocks, segregated witness,. Modification of the proof-of-work algorithm to Equihash and smart contracts are three terms that occur more frequently. Whether to implement these changes in Bitcoin itself should (if they are not already part of the protocol such as segregated witness), was then made. It is nevertheless interesting to pursue this form of global brainstorming.

Name current price in euro block number / date feature Web site
bit coin cash (BCH) 822,14 478558 / 01 Aug 2017 large blocks, fast, low-cost transactions [] 19659021]
bit coin gold (BTG) 78,70 491407 / Oct 24 2017 new mining algorithm ensures fair mining
bit core (BTX) 18.33 492820 / Nov 2 2017 [] 19659020] small Blockchain, larger blocks, faster, low-cost transactions
Bitcoin diamond (BCD) 27,73 495866 / Nov 24 2017 Segwit, anonymity,
Bitcoin lightning (BLG) 498553 / Dec 10 2017, scam? Lightning network in the base layer, faster, safer
Bitcoin hot (BTH) 1.34 498848 / 12 Dec 2017 smart contracts, anti quantum hash, larger blocks, Segwit [19659021]
United Bitcoin (UBTC) 58,08 498777 / 12 Dec 2017 larger blocks, SegWit, use lost Bitcoins
Super Bitcoin (SBTC) 18.49 498888 / Dec 14 2017 Smart contracts, lightning networks, zero knowledge proofs, larger blocks
BitcoinX (BCX) 0.008 498888 / Dec 14 2017 zero knowledge proof, smart contracts, DPOS [] 19659061] oil bit coin (OBTC) 498888 / Dec 14 2017 use lost coins for POS, SegWit, smart contracts, low-cost transactions
Bitcoin neuro (NGOs) 498967, scam https://
Bitcoin world (BTW) 499777 zero knowledge proof, smart contracts, larger blocks
Bitcoin faith 18.41 500000 zero knowledge Proof that smart contracts, larger blocks, lightning network
Bitcoin God (GOD) 39,80 501225 / Dec 25 2017 zero knowledge proof, lightning network, POS consensus, large blocks, smart contracts [19659021]
Bitcoin atom (BCA) 16,23 505888 / Jan 25 / 26 Atomic swaps, combined POW/POS consensus
Bitcoin uranium (BUM) 9,55 Dec 31 2017 new Mining algorithm ensures fair mining
bit coin cash plus 0.25 501407 / Jan 27 new mining algorithm ensures fair mining, fast, cheap
Segwit2x (B2X) 8,23 501451 / Dec 28 2017 Segwit with 2MB-Blöcken [] 19659102] Bitcoin pizza (BPA) 501888 use by DAGs
Bitcoin smart (BCS) 505050 smart contracts, digital asset issuance, decentralized Exchange
Bitcoin interest (BCI) 505083 POS consensus, quick transactions
Bitcoin private Jan / Feb no Bitcoin-fork, but one of Zclassic 7l1ryp/bitcoin_private_btcp_wiki /
Bitcoin Lite (BTCL) Jan / Feb POS consensus
Bitcoin rhodium (BTR) airdrops (see website) only 2.1 million BTR, larger blocks, anonymity [] 19659021]
Bytether 478558 / 01 Aug 2017 implementation of Bitcoin in ether
bit coin silver 0,004167 scam according to Metamask
Bitcoin Platnium 22,38 scam [] 19659020] SegWit 2 X
Bitcoin King (BTCK)

25,25 BTC-ECHO

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