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Fuel coin: Blackmailed wallet software Windows users | BTC-ECHO

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recently several security firms reported a new and at the same time particularly insidious form of malware that disguises itself as harmless Kryptowährungen management program. But even no coin is the SpriteCoin in truth. He blocked the Windows PCs to facilitate their owner around $ 120.

Their methods, cybercriminals love to go with the time. And since in addition to Smartphones also on desktop devices increasingly software is used to manage wallets, jumped the blackmailers on this train. At least suspect that security researchers of the Californian company Fortinet, which have reported a few weeks ago as first about this new form of malware .

According to the description of the client, the Windows program is a software for the management of the digital balance of SpriteCoins. But encrypts all files of the affected computer during installation and should be unlocked again, if you bought free by the Kryptowährung locally. 120 US dollars should be transferred to the cyber criminals using 0.3 locally. The promised key to tackling all barriers causes only worse after payment. More malicious programs are downloaded after receipt of credits, the PC is and remains unusable. The data of the infected computer are lost in any case. A quick way to the rescue of the PC is not known. The devices must be reinstalled. Then the latest backup, must each if ever one was created, newly applied.

Fortinet believes in a relatively rapid spread of the program, because a digital wallet is promised to users in the event of installation. Some users take their good intentions over Board considering a financial advantage. Tony Giandomenico said colleagues from ZDNet by FortiGuard labs he believes this serve the extortion of as many Windows users probably mainly as evidence of new promising dissemination mechanisms and less.


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