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Investor day Kryptowährungen 2018

article read part 3 can be:

today the investor day Kryptowährungen takes place in Berlin from BTC ECHO. We keep you up to date during the event and report live after the individual sessions.

The third session started with a Panel on the topic block mining . The parent question was, how efficient is still mining – both ecologically and economically. The round was basically agree that mining claims an extremely high, almost too high energy consumption. For the future, a solution must be found that is less energy-intensive. The passionate Miner Rainer Jakob sees the problem but in case of power supply in General and not for mining. So more should be effort, channeling energy there, where it would be used. Jacob sees opportunities on solutions through technological progress. Graphics cards continue to evolve and are thus also energy-efficient.

Cryptotec AG, Michael Mertens clarifies that the size of the network is not accompanied by a growing power consumption. He also differentiated between use cases. As a universal Zahlungsmitttel a on the proof of work algorithm based Bitcoin not possible.

Rainer Jakob sees no valid alternative to the mining-based POW in the proof-of-stakeholder mechanism, because the validation mechanism of the network bedinge the work of the miner. He believes mining is also now more economically profitable, when technically correct it. In mining will planned over the longer term, while direct investments aimed to exploit the volatility.

According to Jakob, Cloudmining is no alternative, because it is not in possession of the hardware and retracts – if at all – only small profits. Cointed offers an alternative to the Cloudmining. The Austrians sell mining hardware, customers can have a fee of Cointed operate them however. This Cointed uses renewable energy sources for its mining.

Although regulation was spoken in the course of the event already much about the next presentation devoted exclusively to this topic. Dr. Nina Siedler discussed the legal framework and regulatory approaches in relation to Kryptowährungen. While recognizing a paradigm shift in the assessment of the legal quality of crypto assets in the year 2017. In Germany has long been regarded the principle of “Substance over form”, which distinguished between Kryptowährungen, utility-token and securities was, the European value paper term prevailed now in the framework of MIFID, which Kryptowährungen in the most cases equivalent to securities treated.

Gonzalo Sanchez as speaker was present for Brickblock, who gave a brief introduction to the concept of the tokenization of assets – the Division of Brickblock. Tokenization enables investments of part of and investing small sums into valuable assets such as real estate or ETFs. For the investment, the user is equipped with a proof-of-asset token (POA). Especially for investors from smaller and poorer countries, where access of to qualitatively high-quality assets in the context is given, this Blockchain solution can open up new possibilities. The manner of can be invested, could change very by tokenization in the future.

Finally, Fabian Gompf parity presented various business models, where tokens are used. So he distinguishes that his assessment, most of which currently traded token make – work-token and hybrid forms between asset utility-token – token. Also within the token classes, different business models, different use cases and targets must be differentiated. A crucial difference between the acquisition of tokens and Classic venture capital activities Gompf sees that invest more matches in token as value adding, as the investor through its participation in the network acquires a different incentive, as at a classic rent seeking model.

All experts to a question and answer session came together in the aftermath of the last lecture. Moderator Sven Wagenknecht Dominik Schiener of IOTA posed a few questions to his assessment of the current situation. So, Sagu, believes similar as panelists before, that we are in a bubble and that Kryptowährungen are just assets and any currencies. The most ICO projects make sense from his point of view, because utility tokens usually are not used for the use case that is spoken to them, but as a pure object of speculation.

Also on the subject of regulation, he has a clear opinion. So he calls for more regulation on the markets, there is a clear regulatory issuers as well as token engagement gives security.

Also Hendrik Hey unveiled restructuring his company on the Blockchain by world of wonders of the – including the ICOs, which is planned for this year. Then there was the opportunity to address their questions to the experts for all guests. A brief final word spoke BTC-ECHO-Chefredakteut Sven Wagenknecht.


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