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Investor day Kryptowährungen 2018

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today the investor day Kryptowährungen takes place in Berlin from BTC ECHO. We keep you up to date during the event and report live after the individual sessions.

Sven Laepple of Astratum presented at the beginning of the second session investment strategies to invest in Kryptowährungen. There, he pursued the approach to transfer the experiences of classical plant investments, which offers a much higher return on the crypto market. It is crucial to doing an accurate assessment of the Kryptowährungen and whose diverse use cases, as well as the opportunities arising investment for a . Despite high risks, the whole crypto eco-system offers a unique investment opportunity which is a continual dealing with the subject matter to handle with great care.

Thereafter followed a highly occupied Panel to one of the currently most discussed questions – we find ourselves in a crypto bubble? This discussed Bitwala CEO Jörg von Minckwitz, Florian Glatz of the Blockchain Federation, Magdalena Isbrandt from House of Nakamoto and Christian of young, CEO of the Blockchain-start-ups MADANA. The Panel was led by BTC ECHO editor-in-Chief Sven Wagenknecht.

This the Panel started with the question, whether the whole ecosystem is in a bubble, or whether this saying is only for parts (about ICOs).

According to Christian of young is the market definitely overheated and includes many scams, but also good projects. Also Jörg von Minckwitz sees a bubble, which he rated but not necessarily negative. He draws comparisons to real estate and stock markets, where bubbles are commonplace. Magdalena Isbrandt advocates to abstract between legitimate coins (about Bitcoin or ether) and “Shitcoins” (99% of all ICOs). The Bitcoin does it as a classic bubble, because there’s always adjustments.

Florian Glatz finds that ICOs are increasingly not products, but only stories. So move crypto activities of technology enthusiasm on monetary incentives. A market correction is therefore desirable, so that the focus is again on the project.

Magdalena Isbrandt out the value of the technology, which is independent of the rate of Kryptowährungen. According to Jörg, the mood in the community at current price fall is even positive, because a fast buck through improvement of the crypto scene disappears and a return to the core business. Christian, who soon plans an ICO with MADANA- stressed the business model and the Blockchain project, which is to stand behind a good ICO . There’s wasn’t an ICO participation to an investment in a coin, but in a Blockchain-start-up. Florian Glatz, which legally advises ICOs, could also report experiences with many dubious ICO requests.

The theme also played an important role Regulation in the Panel. According to Jörg von Minckwitz, regulation provides a great opportunity because the consumers are protected, on the other hand sustainable growth is made possible because institutional investors would go into the area. Also Christian of young advocates an active regulation, he has learned through its ICO also on his own body. Florian Glatz has in this context to the work of Blockchain – Bundesverband out, he has.

As the greatest opportunity, the implementation is regarded by Magdalena Isbrandt and Jörg von Minckwitz of the lightning network. Christian of young added in 2018, about the opening of many Blockchain projects for ICOs increased technological innovations. Florian Glatz sees a great chance for 2018

at the end of the session in the tokenization of all possible assets Andrei Martchouk by the AI Group gave a keynote on the role of banks in the Blockchain eco-system. While it turns out that some banks, realized the opportunities that offer the Blockchain technology and distributed ledger solutions also for the classical banking business. So he turns out about the R3 Consortium as an Association of banks and financial service providers that invest heavily in research and development related to the Blockchain. Generally, there is however still a great ignorance, what’s the theme. Accordingly, he expects that it will take a little longer until banks can apply the new technology fully.

The last part of our report follows in the evening.

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 Tobias Schmidt is Tobias Schmidt since August 2017 as editor in the BTC ECHO working team. His studies in the subject of politics and Economics at the University of Münster signed with a Bachelor’s degree and was also active during his studies at the Department as a student assistant. In addition, he gained professional experience in parliamentary work and in strategic communication, before joining in the journalistic trade. Since 2017 he deals with the Blockchain technology, whereby it focuses in particular on the many different application possibilities in politics, economy and society.

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