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Japanese airline to accept Bitcoin have


the Japanese peach aviation airline has announced to accept Bitcoin ticket payments. Thus, peach aviation to attract more tourists in the land of the rising sun.

In Japan, you can now car and in-app payment services with Bitcoin settle. The current Red wave moves through the Kryptokurse, keeps the country not of them, to open up more areas of application. From March, Japanese can pay their flight tickets with the Kryptowährung. But Asian tourists who want to visit Japan are the primary target group for this service of the discount airline peach aviation.

“we want to attract visitors from overseas and strengthen the revitalization of Japan’s regions. […] this is a real first step towards partnerships for Japan and we strive for even more corporate and service connections.”

says Shinichi Inoue, CEO of peach.

Bitcoin payments already from next month possible?

In a call to attract visitors from other parts of Asia, after Japan, payment in Bitcoin is to be accepted until the end of the fiscal year in March 2018. This project is made easier by the law to the handling of funds, contributing to the relief of Kryptotransaktionen since April 2017. Japan’s leading low-cost airline forward to enter partnerships with local governments and businesses, to spread the use of Kryptowährungen.

The original plan was the introduction of the new payment method already in the autumn of 2017. This start date however was postponed due to the fluctuating prices. Extent to which this takes place in the face of the still unsettled courses now remains there. “We check the time of the service started,” said the spokeswoman from peach Public Relations. Peach aviation as well as bit point Japan have confirmed their commitment to the implementation of their original plans for 2018. The rumor, the airline have already abandoned these plans, were denied on their official site .

Peach aviation is not the only airline that accepts the Bitcoin. AirBaltic, the Polish airline LOT and the Latvian airline you are beat to it already. Also the network of payment processors for airlines universal air travel plan three years ago announced with BITNET to close a partnership, which would allow customers to buy tickets from more than 260 airlines.


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