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Kazakhstan: paid read

article first speeding ticket in Bitcoin:

of the Bitcoin continues to move into the mainstream. With the help of a mobile app, traffic offenders in Kazakhstan can now pay their fines with the Kryptowährung.

The start up has developed a mobile app that would allow payment of speeding tickets with Bitcoin. The app is available for may 2017 and already 200,000 times has been installed . According to the release notes on the app store iTunes and Google play has been prepared the payment with the last update on January 24 with Bitcoin. Payment in bit coin cash, Ethereum and locally should according to Coinidol soon be possible. The first bit coin payment in equivalent currently 60 EUR is already gone from the app by However, a representative of start-ups to Coinidol is to keep in mind:

“it should be noted, however, that Bitcoin in Kazakhstan has no official status. Kryptowährungen be accepted as money or a financial instrument.”

A direct payment in Kryptowährung is still not possible without the app. Kazakhstan has already last fall demonstrated crypto affine, announced as was to call an own Kryptowährung in life.

The idea to pay parking tickets with a Kryptowährung, is not new: late last year, we already of a similar project in South Africa reported . The company Fines4U allows to pay parking tickets, which passes the company as a fiat currency to the competent authority with Bitcoin. However the first payment of crypto is left out there. The company is still many questions regarding bit coin, but only out of interest in the Kryptowährung itself.


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