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MADANA: First ICO on Lisk announced

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the German Blockchain-start-up Lisk wants future coin offerings on its platform initial can be carried out. Support this should vault – an instrument for the financing of promising innovations and projects by the pioneer’s. With MADANA, also the first ICO was already announced.

With a medium post last Wednesday was Max Kordek, founder and CEO of the German Blockchain-start-ups Lisk, the international crypto community. Is it the pioneer Announces’s Vault, a Fund for financial support of promising side-chain innovation. Through the funding it provided vault over the pioneer, to incentives for entrepreneur and developer, making Blockchain projects on Lisk.

As Max Kordek, he aims to further grow the Lisk eco-system with this project. For this reason, it provides 1.7 million LSK from his own collection for this initiative. The focus is on the conduct of initial coin offerings (ICOs) on the Lisk-Blockchain platform. In the future it should support the numerous ICOs be possible that a whole series of Sidechain Lisk platform will run. The development of these driven’s Vault with the funding by the pioneer.

First ICO on Lisk

with the MADANA project was announced yesterday also the first ICO, running on the Lisk Blockchain. Kordek and MADANA-CEO announced Christian of young on medium, to go this year the publication of PAX token on Lisk across the stage. Already last year we had reported about the MADANA project now we have to win Christian of young for a statement about its decision each Lisk.

“the bulk of the team of MADANA-core has a common past with Lisk. Together with Max Kordek, we have founded one of the first Bitcoin of Meetups in Germany in the year 2014. We have launched the University of Bitcoin Aachen RWTH University to educate about the Blockchain technology and Kryptowährungen.

When Max decided to call Lisk, we took the position in Aachen and did a lot of community work. We supported Max during the founding of Lisk, where we could and have since Lisk’s early supporter and have invested in yourself, because we believe in its platform.

We chose Lisk because Lisk passes into a phase in which she will reach the masses in our eyes with perimiterized technology and development tools as a first Blockchain platform in 2018. Thus, it was ultimately for us one clear thing, that innovation across front with it.

As we have noted, the Lisk Blockchain has now reached a stage of maturity, which will differentiate themselves in 2018 by other comparable platforms. We are proud to be able to say that we with MADANA first Blockchain-start-up will benefit’s Vault and perform the first great ICO on the Lisk Blockchain this year by Max Kordeks personal pioneer”,

so young compared to BTC-ECHO.

The messages to Lisk happen under the impression of the soon upcoming Lisk relaunch. Also BTC-ECHO will report his and known from there over all major next week, given statements on February 20 in Berlin at the event site.


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