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ประเทศไทย, ภูเก็ต, กรุงเทพฯและอื่น ๆ – a new MyEtherWallet?

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a look at the interface of can quickly come up associations with the famous site MyEtherWallet. Indeed, one of the developers of the first hour is with Taylor Monahan with on board. This page can you trust and what does this mean for those who previously used MyEtherWallet?

Who often has to do with ethereum-based token, you will know most likely MyEtherWallet . It’s an interface to manage the own Ethereum wallets. At the latest since the ERC20 token, many token Ethereum-based are generated and sold to interested investors. The management of this token can also be about MyEtherWallet.

You can create your own wallet on MyEtherWallet. For many, this Web page is also a help to manage the Ethereum funds in a hardware-wallet or in your MetaMask account. As a whole therefore enjoys great popularity MyEtherWallet and is used by many.

According to surprisingly Taylor Mohanan, one of the co-Founderinnnen behind MyEtherWallet, a new website called put on on February 9, the Twitter handle by @myetherwallet in @mycrypto renamed and in a detailed medium-post the reasons outlined. Just the change of the Twitter handle made of strong controversy in the community and was now reversed.

Summary one can say that in your opinion MyEtherWallet was placed not good for organic growth and this should change with You therefore dissociates itself from MyEtherWallet and launches a private, very similar project.

Also, kvhnuke, the second co-founder of MyEtherWallet, has expressed himself . The sound was very businesslike and friendly. Also if you could tell that he was surprised about the decision by Taylor Mohanan and absolutely not could approve the name change of the Twitter accounts, he wants yet Taylor and her team.

What does this mean for users of MyEtherWallet?

Simply put, this means that you can now choose between two services. It is important to emphasize that the statements made by Taylor Mohanans and kvhnukes show that the Web page was not corrupted or hacked. In this respect, the service can be used again. Of course applies to MyEtherWallet, that prudence is recommended. Finally, the disclosure of thereof is required if you want to come on the funds behind a private key or a keystore file. In both cases it is however stressed that could no private keys are stored and because the projects are open source, each of the correctness of this statement convince yourself. is currently MyEtherWallet in green. Of course, some concerns, if you can believe a project which has so abruptly formed by a fork (and a theft of the Twitter handle) exist in the community. Here is need to prove himself. Certainly it with funds, you can risk, can test the secession of MyEtherWallet. Currently, there is no reason, however, to do this since the page offers no features that would differentiate them from MyEtherWallet.


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