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New coins

article on the block – agoras tokens (AGRS) have:

exists the agoras token since 2015 and leads a shadowy existence in market capital. But agoras will not forever remain an OMNI, implement your own distributed ledger solution called Tau-chain. It is worth to pursue this database solution?

Two weeks ago announced we would on the block also on Second Division new coins in the series and, if necessary, the amateur and district leagues of Kryptowährungen look. Finally, it could be that one finds interesting and promising among this rather unknown systems. As even in the case of bit core it’s not shilling nor purchase recommendations, but in the best sense of critical views of the different technologies.

Agoras is a fairly unremarkable at first glance token: place 138 on Coinmarketcap is located on pages that are similar to unknown as the second pages of Google search results. What stands out first is that running token on the OMNÌ-platform. OMNI is in itself a platform which is used for token with commercial purposes such as tether. The actual Crowdsale was previously held on counterparty, but cooperation with the Omni Foundation was announced in the February 2015 and the token moved to the new platform.

Agoras token had a shadowy long time and was able to claim a market capital of about four million euros until April 2017. The Bull Run, which then began, not without a trace passed on agoras token: until late November a market capital could be achieved by 12 billion euros, which could be tenfold in the course of the year send rally. Currently, it’s moving at 80 million euros.

Agoras – intelligent marketplace on a new Blockchain

agoras itself is a first project, which should be implemented on the still in development rope chain and represent the first and Central application. Agoras should be a Kryptowährung, but the system will significantly more: agoras has the aim of being a smart market on the rope-chain on which computing capacity, programming services, but also knowledge and Consulting services to be purchase.

Continue to an Internet search engine should be developed by using agoras, with which you can create Web content, not only ergoogeln, but also more complex requests. The computational knowledge engine Wolfram alpha comes there in memory. However, agoras has of course claim to realize a corresponding model decentralized on a Blockchain.

More stores are planned, so also a derivatives market on agoras base will be developed with the according to a hedge against price fluctuations to build the Black-Scholes model so that the volatility of Agora is low.

But this isn’t enough: Within agoras’s algorithms are can check whether, for example, a service is equal to the requested specifications. The client needs to trust the developer not so and vice versa – there is a proof that the service of development of corresponds to the request.

Overall, these properties should lead that agoras establishes an intelligent economy. Thus the development of trading algorithms is not meant, but strictly speaking a completely automated business.

Rope chain – the decentralized knowledge engine

that are a lot of targets – makes you wonder, how this should be achieved. The way to be followed by the rope chain. Rope chain is much more than a Blockchain. It should be a programming language, the aim of which is the formal knowledge store. The Blockchain is a central component of the overall concept: in a distributed environment one is guaranteed only by the Blockchain, which among other things contains synchronized timestamp, valid time-dependency and causality through a decentralized network.

An important goal of the programming language to be developed is the decidability – so the idea that the formalism behind rope chain can answer any specific question on the basis of knowledge previously formalized in the language.

The blocks of the rope-chain included in any transactions but almost the network itself or a current status of the same. With each block, therefore, the definition of the network itself can be changed without an hard fork or similar.

In addition to the Blockchain, the deliberate exclusion of a Turing-complete in rope chain is interesting. According to the set of rice each non-trivial property of a computer program is not predictable. Therefore, it is concluded that Turing complete languages are logically incomplete.

Elimination to be Turing complete, and with inspiration from the Semantic Web to more complex smart not only realized contracts, but reviewed by a formal test with respect to their form.

Ohad ASOR – the brains behind the rope-chain

in principle the dew-chain was developed by two people. While one of the people in the white paper but only under the pseudonym HunterMinerCrafter is known, more can be said about the main brain behind the project: Ohad ASOR comes from Israel, has a background in computer science and mathematics and can draw on experience at companies such as GE Healthcare, and HP. In addition, he is one of the Peer Reviewer for publications of the IEEE in the field of machine learning.

Before rope chain, he has launched another project called Zennet what had a public supercomputer to the target. Certain parallels to rope chain can be undeniable, so that one can say that Tau-chain the Zennet’s underlying platform.

Overall, the project is very interesting and has enough unique features, that you not can lecture’s as an Ethereum in green. Negative on some points: since the unsightly website is a. A second point is the rather irregular activity and the lack of transparency: the last blogpost github comes from December 31 last year and the last update on the a month ago. Also it is not clear where exactly is the project with reference to the 2016 published Roadmap . Here, as in other projects, regular updates make sense. Furthermore a quite fight existed in the development team between Ohad and HunterMinerCrafter, so there is apparently here two projects that support agoras tokens. Finally, and above all disturb the somewhat overly ambitious claims. “We aim to replace Google” and “Once rope chain is at the start of each company, nation, or organization, which are not cooperating, obsolete is” somewhat risky, to say the very least.

The vision is what concerns the implementation is to follow the project must so very exciting. Who wants to learn more, be noted website on the on their telegram channel and white paper.


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