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Old coin market analysis w07 – goodbye NEM, welcome back IOTA!

Article read let:

within the last week could recover the market and total market capital rise to 373 billion euros. This is currently 337 billion euros. All Kryptowährungen in the top 10 were able to record an increase. For NEM this not sufficient however to defend his tenth compared to IOTA. 

Name price in € market capital in billion € change the last week in % course assessment support in € resistance in €
bit coin 6.865,85 115,76 4
Ethereum [] 19659011] 683,85 66,72 2
ripple 0.85 33,31 31
bit coin cash 1.018,51 17.28 14
Cardano 0.31 8.01 4
Litecoin [] 19659011]124,12 6,85 4
NEO 90,62 5,89 7
Stellar 0,31 5,77 2
EOS 7,13 4,73 3
IOTA 1,45 4.03 7

is the performance of the ten Kryptowährungen with the highest market capital, which is specified in billions of euros. For Kryptowährungen, that are exchangeable currently not directly in euro, the respective trading pair was with Bitcoin as base and converted into euro.

The developments of the last week did well throughout the market: Bitcoin was able to take back lost territory and peaking too at the 7,000-euro mark, ripple could repay a large part of the massive loss of the course and all the others of the ten of the Market capital here considered positive price developments were encouraging largest Kryptowährungen.

At the may price gain ripple with rich 31% as celebrate the best developing Kryptowährung of the week. Ethereum and stellar could boast only a price increase of about 2%. On average, the Kryptowährungen in the top have grown 10 to 8%.

Despite a positive also balance the rise was insufficient for NEM, remains in the top to keep 10 and IOTA joined in his place.

Best price performance: ripple

after there was a successful test of the downward trend for no stopping ripple: the rate rose again to a EUR and could atone for so much lost territory. Although there was a slight consolidation, which threw back the course on the EMA50, however was who continues an upward trend since reaching the minimum of 6 February following.

A positive MACD and a RSI at 61 lead to a will impression. Support and resistance can be described by the Fibonacci retracement level, which is defined by the development between February 6 and February 10. support is described by the 50% FIB retracement level. resistance is described by the reached week maximum.

Worst performance: stellar

the “loser” position it was in a head-to-head race between stellar and Ethereum. The changes indicated in the table are rounded to integer values. Somewhat more precise Ethereum is increased, while in the course of the week to 1.85% stellar can register an increase of 1.67%. The sideways movement of the stellar course is clearly visible: the price moves in a narrow triangle pattern. It is somewhat worrying that both exponential moving averages were fallen, and fell under the EMA100 of the EMA50.

The slightly below zero this MACD and RSI at 46 neutral talk to bearish language. Support and resistance are described by the triangle pattern. A positive break of the triangle would break through the currently existing long-term downward trend patterns.

Stability of the top 10

even if IOTA now 10 can have a place in the top, this position is by no means sure: A rise of 3% by NEM would again lead to a reshuffle of the courses. Also DASH not far behind: here, only 6% is the Kryptowährung from the 10th. The battle for the top 10 is so in full swing. With regard to higher positions, the situation is somewhat safer; Although there may be between NEO and stellar, if necessary, a tie, otherwise are quite large but the differences in market capital.

Averaged over all Kryptowährungen every Kryptowährung could present an average increase of 14%. Of course there were also losers, Nano, for example, suffered a decline of 15% after the fiasco regarding BitGrail. Polymath showed worse performance with a decline of 19% and populous with 30%.

An anomaly and top performer is currently U.Cash: this currency has grown since February 10 to 1,500%. Whether this rise is entitled, may be doubted at the current time; It’s a very generic ERC20 token, Stock Exchange called BTC alpha was listed recently in a . Even if the use case behind U.Coin is useful, the current course of behavior looks more like the usual fluctuations, token pointing to a listing.

The week can sum up under the slogan “Find new stability” are: A large part of the Kryptowährungen to produce positive price developments for the last week and also the position of the Bitcoin has hardly changed compared to the other Kryptowährungen.

Disclaimer: The rate estimates shown on this site represent no buy or sell recommendations. You are only an estimate of the analysts.


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