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Ondiflo: New platform for payments in the gas and oil industry

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Amalto SA with ConsensSys joins together, to form Ondiflo. Together, they want to develop an ethereum-based Blockchain, to automate processes like payment in the oil and gas industry.

The Amalto sat data management companies has joined forces with the Blockchain network of ConsenSys. With their cooperation, they plan to develop a ticketing system for the fuel industry. The platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain should in particular help to make payment processes of faster, more transparent, safer and cheaper.

Here it comes Ondiflo not to develop completely new processes. Instead the team of Jean-Pierre wants to combine existing systems hair dryer (CEO), Sandro Giannetti (entrepreneurs) and Rana Basu (ConsenSys). They want to implement it in the Ondiflo platform. This includes the dashboard TMS by ConsenSys, as well as the “platform 6” from Amalto. The result, they expect the first end-to-end platform of the gas and oil industry, which is based on Ethereum.

Optimistic, founder of Ondiflo type

through the use of smart contracts is the platform to be able to automate all steps between order and payment of the markets. Joe Lubin of ConsenSys was optimistic in the light of the new platform:

“we are designed to produce an Ethereum ecosystem ConsenSys and want to create new use-cases in all industries. As one of the first initiatives in the oil and gas industry, Ondiflo will provide a solution in which all parties can benefit from digitization, automation, data exchange and the immutability of data. Ondiflo will provide efficiency in processes, nowadays mostly manual and paper carried out.”

Hair dryer, joined these praises:

“Ondiflo is, how the industry interacts with data, radically change the way. And, indeed, by the platform seamlessly manages the data transfer by IOT sensors in all areas of the boring square or the storage until payment and so that all stakeholders and industry Manager with einbindet. “Thus is also the measure increased confidence among the parties involved and possible regulatory hurdles involved.”


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