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Online payment service stripe throws out Bitcoin have


of the international underground financial stripe yesterday announced that one final goodbye on April 23 of the Bitcoin as payment will. The decision is distressing for the community, was the first large payment accepted this Kryptowährung in 2014 World’s stripe.

In three months, the Bitcoin support when the US online payment service stripe ends for all customers. The original hope of the company headquartered in San Francisco, that is of the Bitcoin permanently is suitable for financial transfers, which unfortunately have not materialized. Stripe wanted to see a decentralized Kryptowährung instead of the now usual credit card transfers or transfers between different checking accounts. But the conditions of the Bitcoin payments service are anything but cheap. Until a transfer is complete, it may take a few days. The question of how to deal in the meantime with the fluctuations arises each. Also, no one would like to wait on his money. There are also high transfer costs, which for this area of application make the simply not attractive for Bitcoin. Thus, one has arrived at the level of the cost of transfer between two international banks. Accordingly, the number of Bitcoin users was declining rapidly in stripe in recent months. Until its demise in the BTC support on the 23 April 2018 the provider wants to do everything as comfortable as possible to make the transition to its users. stellar lumens

yet the company with more than 700 employees compared to Kryptowährungen is closed up. You will record the payment system stellar in their own repertoire. The transfers should be very inexpensive and completed within a few seconds. The step would be logical, since several executives of stripe to the open-source payment system stellar are involved. Jed McCaleb was founded by the creators of the filesharing network eDonkey stellar. Who is interested for more details: we have stellar lumens (XLM) recently within the framework of our “New Coins on the Block” series of articles presented.

So far stripe chose no other eco system, which is intended to replace the Bitcoin from late April. Currently, keep an eye out in all directions and watched the lightning OmiseGO or, for example, the Kryptowährung network the payment platform Ethereum because to all projects Statement of Blogpostings could see a lot of potential. The more than 100,000 corporate customers of the payment Unwinder are must wait yet a little until the final decision.


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 Lars Sobiraj Lars Sobiraj in the year 2000 began, act as a career changer for various computer magazines. 2006 network policy and copyright law were added to as new priorities. After he led until October 2012, its editorial staff, he is now working in various online magazines on a freelance basis and of course for his own project, In addition, Lars Sobiraj teach dealing with the Internet and social networks to students for sustainable marketing & leadership (M.A..) at the Cologne Hochschule Fresenius. Some time ago, grew the interest in the topic Kryptowährungen fortunately work without the control of central banks. Very much like he wants his part help that bit coin & co. not only for pure speculators of interest are, but also for the woman and the man next door.

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