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Opinions about the falling rate of the Bitcoin | BTC-ECHO

articles have:

bit coin price falls, reported the media world – you know that already. We looked to us in the course of the current price fall a little bit for you. 

Currently, the Bitcoin course once again on everyone’s lips is and its decay. In the international observations there are well-known opinions, new is in short supply.

The opinions about the falling bit coin rate at a glance



Bitcoin: “I guess the $5,000 will see

so I think the current correction vital, healthy and also not unexpected. […] we must remember back once again to the basic idea of the Kryptowährungen, why they exist and why they are needed. Just the points quick and low-cost transactions are currently not so pronounced as […] was even originally intended.”

Oswald Sacher in an interview with the ARD

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Bitcoin falls below $6,000

“in principle strongly divergent opinions on these forms of investment: advocates praise the technical progress and appreciate” the independence from State control. Critics argue that Bitcoin and his counterparts not was to currencies in the classical sense, because core properties such as stability. In addition the high risk of abuse because of the anonymity of the payment process are assembled.”

Commercial leaf falls

Bitcoin sixth day in a row – now near $6,000

“even if the Kryptowährungen are considered alternative to the previous payment system, so evident, that they can not solve by the decline in the equity markets. They have not been considered “safe haven” in the last few days.”


Le Figaro

Bitcoin puts its case, falls below $6,400

“the decline of Bitcoin is primarily (…) Thanks to reinforce the rules for the Kryptowährungen”, to the will of the Chinese authorities confirmed AFP Daisuke Yasaku by the Daiwa Research Institute.”

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

of the Bitcoin falls, ascended as he is

“the naiveté of investors and platforms is symptomatic in the downward movement. Binding data on volume, costs and price level are scarce.”

El Pais

see the central banks in the Bitcoin a mixture of a bubble, fraud, Ponzi and an environmental disaster

“the Bitcoin world will need to rethink their strategy and find a way, to support the currency. I think that there is more confidence in the Kryptowährung according to the applicable regulations and the price will rise again. Problems that are typical for a moment of growth are what experienced this world.”

Michael Collins of GN compass, E-Mail statement

the guardian

Bitcoin price drops under $ 6,000, while bankers claim

a crackdown “Bitcoin is recognized by any Central Bank and allows people, banks and” traditional payment methods payment operations to get around.”

Overseas crashes in the Kryptowährungs meltdown

the Korean times

of the Bitcoin “the most Kryptowährungsinvestoren in Korea are young people in their 20s and 30s, and some of them are faced with huge losses. A student should have committed suicide after such losses.”

South China Morning Post

Bitcoin bomb under $ 7,000 while sales accelerate by bans on banks and regulatory concerns

“the Kryptowährung [Bitcoin] apparently has problems, their comparison with gold as a store of value to comply with an argument that is always expressed by their supporters.”

New York Times

while the Bitcoin bubble loses air, errors and fraud to the surface

appear “a Regulation ideally a prudent and informed regulation can help. But we need to make perhaps a large correction, to really clean things. “

originally posted by Fred Wilson, partner at Union Square venture

voices from the world of finance

” had only expressed on Monday Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank (ECB), a warning: “digital currencies should be considered very risky Assets are considered”, he said before the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The banking supervision of the ECB examine the risks of digital equipment. Euro-zone banks were, however, Draghi reassured no relevant holdings of Bitcoins,.”

(quoted from According to Handelsblatt )

“what alternative payment system without State participation was intended, has now become perhaps originally a mixture of bubble, snow ball and a disaster for the environment. There have been always attempts to create money out of nothing, and that here seems to be the case. Central banks must be ready if necessary to intervene.”

Augustin Carstens, Director-General of the Bank for International Settlements (bis)


from usual negative voices many reports with specific statements were economical. As one looks at the individual reports in detail, especially striking again and again worked with quotes. This shows not only that non-existent competencies be shifted outwards. Notably cited in particular the two latter statements again and again. Especially when the statement of Mr. Carstens a very undifferentiated statement is that must be not further explained. in the – admittedly unlikely event – that Mr of Carstens nonetheless want to inform yourself about financial bubbles, pyramid schemes and environmental disasters, we are gladly available.


Phillip Horch Phillip

 Phillip Horch Horch has completed his master’s degree in literature-art media at the University of Konstanz in the October 2017, and has since worked as a freelance journalist. Already during his studies, he has written for various magazines and now taking hold in Berlin. In the focus of his journalistic work, particularly the opportunities and challenges are so that it deals with the complex subject of Blockchain and Kryptowährungen for some time.

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