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Otcrit: construction of a platform, not a product.

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many companies fail when they put their focus on the development of a single product or single service and there trying to invest all their energy. Markets are changing with increasing speed and it is often not enough to be good only in one thing. The problem is that customers quickly lose interest in a specific product and new trends are showing interest. Since this trend turning happen so quickly, the companies lack the time to respond. New strategies require decisions, capital and time it. Since this is not overnight, the danger is great, customers and subsequently the current investment company in the to lose. This spiral can mean the end of a company then pretty quickly!

The same applies to the crypto market. Here, it can happen that companies run out of potential customers that do not exist in reality. A perfectly planned marketing strategy and a high-profile Advisory Board cause that ICOs are sold out in seconds. Comes the coin or token then on an Exchange, the trading volume of the ICO is equivalent to-sellout speed, because all are addicted to the hype and the fear of missing anything (FOMO – FEAR OF MISSING OUT). When that happens, the companies have indeed experienced a run, an ideal target group in its business plan outlines, but still no single real customer. The unwritten rule is: less is more, because less money to that man thinks outside of the box and finds solutions that you would not otherwise find you would have much more or even too much capital available. However, it may be that this market of people is driven, as quickly as possible large profits want to make and therefore does not take care to invest in solid projects.

What we in 2018 and subsequent years will see, is the success of projects that have succeeded, not only a product, but an eco-system to build. The people out there want to buy not only books on Amazon, they want to buy everything, what you can imagine only, and Yes, why is it not even a streaming service available, which you can control via his AI assistants. This comprehensive offer is perfectly adapted to the needs of customers and this is the reason why Otcrit is not a product, but a platform – a place where customers experience a whole range of services, the actually by a single company alone in the form are not used. Otcrit wants to be an all-in one solution for traders and investors.

Otcrit builds this platform, to provide the community in a transparent manner with knowledge about business models from the Blockchain economy. We will see very soon the beginning of a second wave of very successful Blockchain projects – those who actually have a working product and a certain adaptation can be reached. It will be necessary to acquire more know-how, if you want to continue to successfully trade and invest in this new phase. The demand for objective information will be greater than ever, and investors will have to invest more time to analyze companies. Exchanges will have the big problem to keep their customers if they do not also begin to offer a better user experience and better warning systems, what concerns are newly listed projects. If this market should be twice as large as the current stock market, the focus is on development and research must be less and less on marketing.

About Tobias Schmidt

 Tobias Schmidt Tobias Schmidt has been active since August 2017 as editor in the team of BTC-ECHO. His studies in the subject of politics and Economics at the University of Münster signed with a Bachelor’s degree and was also active during his studies at the Department as a student assistant. In addition, he gained professional experience in parliamentary work and in strategic communication, before joining in the journalistic trade. Since 2017 he deals with the Blockchain technology, whereby it focuses in particular on the many different application possibilities in politics, economy and society.

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