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Otcrit creates a crypto universal marketplace have


Kryptowährungen and the Blockchain have experienced a real boom in the last year. High-quality information on the market are very hard to find. Exchanges also offer little innovation in terms of user experience. Otcrit would like to improve this situation by the platform combines its Exchange called Otcritex with research services.

The vision of Otcrit is it, the whole Blockchain space with valuable information, reports, databases, and other feeds to provide – a one-stop shop for all of the relevant information for traders. Be it political, economic or social factors that influence the market, technical analysis, facts & figures on various projects such as the technology, roadmap and strategic partner sheep. It is a project that should enable the community, all traders and enthusiasts, to participate in and benefit.

According to CEO and co-founder of Otcrit, Victor Koychev, the goal is indeed ambitious, but still reachable:

“no one wanted to date really listen, when it comes to service and user experience, or about what the people out there really want. This concerns in particular the exchanges. What goes in the crypto scene, however currently definitely wrong is the focus of all projects and ICOs on marketing. This has led that media have immensely increased their prices in the crypto field and thus created an unfair competitive situation. Bloggers and YouTubern you know that similar practices are applied, because there are more and more people in this profession that only projects review, which pay them large sums. We wish to return control of the community as Otcrit, by creating a platform users can create content on the one hand and on the other hand, our in-house-Blockchain experts analyse projects and fair review.”

Otcrit offers all users to publish “Community report” option to share control over the information on the platform with the community. This can be engaged other users with good reviews, translated content and existing reports purchased. The OTC token plays an important role, because he will be the only means of payment in the Otcrit eco-system to reward those who create input. Also OTC token holder 10% returns of the platform be distributed to the weekly in ETH. The fee of the trading exchange Otcritex this accounts for a substantial share. On the Exchange, only coins and tokens of projects are listed, which have been analysed and assessed by Otcrits Blockchain experts. It aims to list only projects that comply with their objectives in accordance with its road map and develop solid and active.

Otcrit is the prevailing rule that start ups up to $1 million to pay to be listed on an Exchange, after the token generating event is completed. On the contrary, Otcrit here would not charge for listings, but much reward more all projects on the Otcritex Exchange with 5% of all income of the platform if they reach certain goals. These distributions projects are subsequently used for their development and human resources.

The Otcrit team promises to set up an Exchange with one of the best user experiences to launch. Advanced charts, event calendars, news feeds and custom alerts – all this will be features of the platform for traders. The pre-sale begins on February 15, 2018 and will remain for a month. Early investors can register down the following link in the white list:


about Tobias Schmidt

 Tobias Schmidt is Tobias Schmidt since August 2017 as editor in the BTC ECHO working team. His studies in the subject of politics and Economics at the University of Münster signed with a Bachelor’s degree and was also active during his studies at the Department as a student assistant. In addition, he gained professional experience in parliamentary work and in strategic communication, before joining in the journalistic trade. Since 2017 he deals with the Blockchain technology, whereby it focuses in particular on the many different application possibilities in politics, economy and society.

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