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article of the crash-FUD in Asia & USA, panic selling and consolidation:

the currency crash on the Kryptomarkt continues. The entire market capitalization of all Kryptowährungen on nearly 316 billion euros has fallen in the last few days. The Bitcoin is currently under 7000 euros, Ethereum at nearly 700 euros and ripple at 60 cents.

What happens on the Kryptomarkt, like headaches sometimes, but there is no reason to break out in panic. Yet there are currently some events, which apparently just some have.

So the Japanese Exchange got Coincheck, who last week by a hacker attack was affected, today visit by the financial supervisory authority. You searched the premises of the stock exchange, among other things to ensure that they have enough financial resources to compensate for their users.

In addition, the messages from India and are currently South Korea which as a whole have a negative undertone. It all speaks for a ticks-terminated trust compared to the stock markets, which sometimes led to panic selling.

Also the US Kryptobörse Bitfinex with the Kryptowährung tether makes for uncertainty in the market. USDT (tether) is a Kryptowährung that is allegedly tied to the US dollar. To the 700,000,000 dollars the company on the bench would be have to cover the Kryptowährung. It is unclear, however, whether actually all tether tokens are covered, because the company has hired to work with the Auditor in January. According to latest reports, American authorities have introduced investigation due to market manipulation against Bitfinex.

Dollar collapse or consolidation?

Certainly, you can join this panic and try to bring his Fiat money in “Security”. Too hasty reactions are always the wrong advice at a dollar collapse. Ultimately, the consolidation of the course is a continuation of the downward channel of last week and on long ways not unusual. After the high outbreak at the end of the year, we are on the same level as the end of November.

Yet one final thought: the current events in Asia and the United States show only a suspicion in the markets, not in the Kryptowährungen itself. As we explain detailed in the current Kryptokompass that is only evidence that a moderate regulation is needed to prevent just such panic sales. Then the market will calm down. Until then: keep calm. (And / or to buy).


Phillip Horch Phillip

 Phillip Horch Horch has completed his master’s degree in literature-art media at the University of Konstanz in the October 2017, and has since worked as a freelance journalist. Already during his studies, he has written for various magazines and now taking hold in Berlin. In the focus of his journalistic work, particularly the opportunities and challenges are so that it deals with the complex subject of Blockchain and Kryptowährungen for some time.

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