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article let XRP course analysis KW05 back in a downward trend:

even if it’s not the downward trend, which determines the rate since early January, could ripple continue its upward movement and is since then in a flat Downward trend and dropped below the 1-euro threshold. 


  • of ripple rate has fallen this week.
  • The slight upward trend of the last week could not be continued and gave way to a downward trend.
  • The most important support is 0.81 euros, the most important Kurzzeitresistance at 1.11 euros.

Also ripple passes the current bearish market situation left its mark: as the price of XRP has declined since 29 January, at which the EMA50, (marked blue) was tested, 26% on less than a euro. With the maxima on 18 January and on 26 January a downward trend has formed, which currently represents the resistance determine the course with the EMA5.

(second panel from the top) MACD is negative, but the MACD line (blue) currently rises about the signal (orange).

(third panel from the top) RSI is 33 and is so bearish.

Overall, the situation in accordance with course and trend indicators is bearish so .

The most important support described by the minimum of 31 January and 0.81 euros. This course is equivalent to the plateau reached between the 25th and the 26th of December. This support should be breached, the next important support from the minimum would be defined on January 17 at 0.71 euros.

The most important resistance is currently described by the downward trend, which currently coincides with the EMA50 and is situated at 1.11 euros. Should this breached be, the current downward trend would come to an end. A next resistance on the way to new heights is described by the plateau of 20 January, which is 1.45 euros. An upgrade this would restore the old upward trend.

Disclaimer: The rate estimates shown on this site represent no buy or sell recommendations. You are only an estimate of the analysts.


image based on data from at 09:22 on February 01, 2018 created

about Dr. Philipp Giese

 Dr. Philipp Giese Dr. Philipp Giese works as an analyst for BTC-ECHO and is in the areas of technical analysis and Specialized technology. Also he actively engaged in the crypto community – online as a central point of contact in the slack BTC-ECHO channel, as well as offline as a speaker and interviewer he always maintains the Exchange with startups, developers and visionaries. The PhD physicist can draw on many years of experience as a project manager and technology consultant. Philipp delights here not only for the technological dimension of Kryptowährungen, but also for the underlying socio-economic vision for many years.

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