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Russia wants to locate crypto-miner

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according to various Russian media wants to try the Moscow Ministry of telecommunications and mass media, to its own system of detection for crypto-miner develop. The signals from the ministries are doing very uneven. Talk of tax relief, is either partially by increased electricity tariffs or a maximum quota of power that the miner in the Russian Federation shall not exceed.

Currently, preparations for new legislation should run according to media reports which are probably brought in the Russian Parliament on February 1. Also want to recognize the Ministry of telecommunications and mass media (Minkomswjas) miner due to their electricity consumption and the data loads typical for their activities. The approximate extent of mining of Kryptowährungen should be recognised as alleged. How this technically should be implemented, not running unfortunately available online publications. In the October 2017 Russian regulators announced such detection systems. Such exceptionally high power consumption, it is not particularly difficult to uncover the miner, the new measures were announced in the autumn.

According to the news agency RIA Novosti, senior staff of the Ministry of power industry have now announced, that they identify for possible but also for very complex. The Ministry proposed to restrict the measures to such persons, who operate the mining in the commercial and thus on a very large scale. There are also people who consume much electricity per month in other ways. Could not recognize what the electricity is consumed, from the outside. Also the inspection of data flows create is very complex. You could call does not automatically every users of streaming services as miner just because this transfer a lot of data. As soon as the data for example, a virtual private network (VPN) are encrypted, uncovering the miner was almost impossible.

Also, there are considerations that Crypto-miner will be free after you have registered for two years from the payment of taxes. You should basically no sales taxes paid, but after expiry of the two-year period income taxes as a result of the increment to their wallets. Also with regard to the tax break is not uniform assessment of the situation. Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev told RIA Novosti that he could see no reason for a multi-year tax break. Currently, the Ministry of telecommunications and mass media varies from a quota system on the one hand and special electricity tariffs for miners on the other side. A spokesman for the Department of energy, however, slowed the expectations at a meeting last week. So far nobody I can explain him why there should be discounted rates for this group. Within the Russian Federation, prices were formerly extremely cheap, which has heavily promoted the mining .

At the moment, it remains therefore to be seen whether a relief, a neutral regulation, or even some sort of State blockade policy will emerge at the end of the considerations of the ministries. If the Ministers on a blockade to agree, this should have naturally quite strong negative impact on the market for Kryptowährungen.


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