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Sawtooth Hyperledger: Blockchain solutions for Enterprise

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the Hyperledger Foundation brings a new platform for the development of Blockchain solutions on the market with Hyperledger sawtooth. It is aimed primarily at companies that want to develop their own Blockchain applications.

With Hyperledger sawtooth, the developers want company to develop Blockchain applications provide a way. For this they provide a kind of frame scaffolding, which can be accessed by developers. To relieve the platform, the application domain is separated from the core system. Thus, developers can program the applications in their own language without having to know which of the main chain.

Hyperledger sawtooth is so modular. The design by sawtooth thus allowing it to choose the rules for transactions smart contracts and consensus algorithms and to adapt them for your own needs.

The platform has it with various examples of transactions, which developers can serve as models. Among the available languages, Python, JavaScript, go, C++, Java, and rust are located.

Because there is no centralized service, transaction patterns or other sensitive information to can’t get outside. Also, the developer with this movement want to make possible the parallel execution of transactions.

Sawtooth used alternative consensus mechanism

as consensus mechanism works sawtooth with the proof of elapsed time, which is based on the proof of work. It should work so that it uses the scaling options of the proof of work, while it changed the algorithm so that the process uses less energy.

Hyperledger sawtooth refers to the basic capabilities of Hyperledgern. With their help it is possible to construct transactions, information in the supply chain to track users and goods Exchange. As areas of application, the developer lead finance, the health system, as well as supply chains. When supply chains, it should be possible through the use of IOT sensors to track the entire delivery path. The item is equipped with a sensor so later the path from the starting point of the transport to track ownership and other parameters. This application, for example, in the fish trade or in the medicine industry – depending on the gusto of the respective company would be conceivable.


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