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Smominru botnet lavished locally for $ 3.5 million to read let


the Smominru locally mining botnet based on WannaCry vulnerability EternalBlue, the originally the American Military intelligence service NSA has developed. In the summer 2017 the shadow broker were infected after the announcement by the hacker group s countless computer malware that has exploited the gap of the NSA. The problem is unfortunately homemade.

A number of infected computers called a botnet, which are controlled from a central location. The hijacked PCs can be, abused after the takeover to to access the personal data of the owner, to send spam mails, or shut down Web pages with many page requests, what is commonly known as a DDoS attack.

We have already last year in detail of the diverse usage of JavaScript-Minern and other malicious software on PCs and Smartphones reported where the CPU of your computer unintentionally to mining -. Central processing units are converted. Smominru has infested over 526,000 computer according to reliable estimates, including many Web servers are located. The highest rate of infection took place in Russia, India and Taiwan.

Locally miner as a danger for companies

have the anonymous operator on all measures of security researchers very promptly and flexibly respond, which is why Smominru is still active. No more the role of the Bitcoin according to several security researchers in this sector. The computational effort for the prospecting was too low for regular PCs and Web server too big and the yield. The Kryptowährung locally with a focus on data protection was, however, far more interesting for these kind of applications. According to the IT Securityfirma Proofpoint has very early reported about Smominru, such botnets will be even larger and are likely to occur at even shorter intervals.

The American intelligence service NSA appeared once again as accomplices. Their programmers have developed software in recent years for its own purposes, which they could exploit a previously unknown Windows security flaw to gain full access to the target computers. Until most Windows installations could be subjected to an update, it was already too late.

A similar botnet called WannaMine even caused losses of data processing in several companies, because the computer as a result of mining have to overheat, which ultimately resulted in their destruction. So far around one hundred computer should be failed due to the infection with WannaMine, rising further. WannaMine and Smominru could prevent at the time of infection to be detected by an antivirus software. In the case of WannaMine, the visit to a previously prepared Web page or opening an infected email was sufficient for the acquisition of PCs.


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 Lars Sobiraj Lars Sobiraj in the year 2000 began, act as a career changer for various computer magazines. 2006 network policy and copyright law were added to as new priorities. After he led until October 2012, its editorial staff, he is now working in various online magazines on a freelance basis and of course for his own project, In addition, Lars Sobiraj teach dealing with the Internet and social networks to students for sustainable marketing & leadership (M.A..) at the Cologne Hochschule Fresenius. Some time ago, grew the interest in the topic Kryptowährungen fortunately work without the control of central banks. Very much like he wants his part help that bit coin & co. not only for pure speculators of interest are, but also for the woman and the man next door.

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