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Spain: Bill to attract Blockchain companies have


the Government in Spain is planning to attract more Blockchain companies. For laws to be adopted this year, trump up mainly with tax advantages.

Blockchain company is currently shooting to all corners of the ground, alone of the current Forbesreport shows to start-ups in the tech sector. Accordingly, the hope on the part of various States is big these companies to stimulate the economy. Spain wants to draw on now it.

Serves as Bloomberg reported is the Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, his Partido Popular at the moment in a corresponding Bill to present, with tax benefits. The conservative party should also work on specific regulatory schemes for Blockchain companies, that want to appear on the market with ICOs. In addition the party calls on the legislature to begin hearings by Blockchain experts on the topic. In particular, one wool modelled on the Kryptovalley train in Switzerland and to the attractive Blockchain location in Europe. You want to ensure the safest conditions for ICOs.

Spain adaptation forward

is driving at is not the current Bill the first step of Spain, to open themselves to the Blockchain technology and Kryptowährungen. Mister Piso, a real estate company based in Barcelona, has recently sold the first land for Bitcoin [19459007aswereported]. The company had hoped of them, to boost the real estate sector. The apartment in the province of Tarragona was sold in Southern Patagonia for 40 bit coin.

The thrust of Spain in terms of Kryptowährungen, Blockchain and ICOs is an important step in several respects. Not only Spain thus pulses and can boost to its economy. Only through the creation of a regulated and attractive environment for Blockchain companies, Spain in the otherwise little-regulated Europe will offer an attractive point. But the actual use of Kryptowährungen like in the real estate market brings forward bit coin & co.. Because ultimately, the original idea of the Bitcoin is important as alternative payment system to bring it into the consciousness of the people.


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