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Speak of bear and bull – like us over the course of Kryptowährungen have


fall into our analyses of course words which are not understandable for everyone right away. The Bitcoin course is bullish, then the Ethereum course is bearish – by MACD, resistance and RSI is the speech. So even beginners with those terms can do something, here’s a brief explanation.

Very coarse download broken: it goes downhill with the course, he is bearish (downward), it uphill, he is bullish (bullish). You can remember visually quite simply this: the bear strikes with its paw down, the boy encounters with its horns upwards.

The mood in the bear market is ultimately negative on the course – it goes downhill. When this bear market begins, is not always easy to say – the mood can change quite quickly on the markets, especially the message situation can be important here. For example, in the last year China or this year, South Korea announced regulations or bans, many investors panicked–the mood was overall bearish. For investors, a bearish course must be not something negative: who caught the moment, catches the bear at the right moment and buys himself, because at some point, the market is again bullish. You can also bet on the falling rate — that is shorting then. How this works is available under other here . At this point however is the counterpart – the long position.

The bull market is the counterpart to the bear market in principle – things are looking up. The mood is positive on the course, assuming that it goes further uphill. Investors, who have struck at the right moment, enjoy rising prices. So far so good. But when will a bear market versa to the bull market and vice? The terms here resistance and support in the game.

Resistance, support and of course

to keep it again briefly: the resistance is resistance and support is the support of the course. Both are level in the course in which the course in the past had difficulties in the rise or fall. The resistance prevents him from further upwards to break through, the support prevents the course, nor to fall deeper.

If the course is so moving to on these points, a bear market can be in such places from a bull and vice versa. He tests these lines – the more often he turns on them, they become stronger. Breaks through the course these lines, however, it is likely that continues the course in the same direction.

EMA, MACD, RSI – EMA simply explained

or exponential moving average is a special form of the moving average, taking into account the current price movements more than the older ones. If the price falls below, the EMA often acts as resistance if he is in as a support.

The MACD line stands for the moving average convergence/divergence, and is aligned on the behavior between three moving averages. She provide information on the long-term price development. She is positive, is a can signal, it is negative, it is a signal of the CFD. RSI, however, stands for relative strength index and indicates how the course has behaved in the last time. Therefore RSI traces current trends. An RSI of 50 in favour of a bullish under 50 for a bearish performance. Still an RSI can help to identify trend reversals: A RSI above 70 speaks for a overbought market, while an RSI below 30 as oversold. Often, just a lower RSI was a harbinger of a reversal of the trend.

When should I buy now?

The technical analysis and chart analysis tries to formulate an assessment from which one can derive more trading strategies. The basis for the trading strategies provides the assessment of further price developments.

  • If the result of a technical analysis one is bullish assessment, the analyst assumes a positive price development. A long position or buying coins, which are considered in the analysis would be the basis of a further trading strategy. A is specified in the analysis continue to support which can be understood as a stop-loss, or as a kind of double floor. Should the rate at this level is falling, you can think about, to repel the position: so sale . resistance can be used in an assessment that indicates how far the journey can go – it is a goal, until where can develop a course. Here, you can set a target, a target, where the coin sold profitably is – or at least the situation is reanalyzed.
  • Bearish in the case of a assessment assumes that the rate moved further downhill. The knowledge of the end of the current bear market is helpful for those who decide to invest in a coin. support is a resurgence of the course from the perspective of the analyst then, at which point with a bounce, that is to be expected. Based on the analysis of the course, you can then think about a long position. Another measure, which is interesting for a long position is the resistance: gains over this resistance, to indicate to an end of the current bear market, which is also a good time to buy.

Both cases relate to new entrants. For investors who are already longer while, it makes sense to look at the long term support. When these are broken, that’s a meaningful exit signal. Former support representing a resistance after a dramatic Kursfall, then interesting again entry points are.

Who wants to know it by the way exactly may like to read our tutorials . And now: enjoy our course analysis !

This statement was developed in cooperation with our analysts Dr. Philipp Giese, whose technical course analyses easier to understand now I hope even for beginners.


Phillip Horch Phillip

 Phillip Horch Horch has completed his master’s degree in literature-art media at the University of Konstanz in the October 2017, and has since worked as a freelance journalist. Already during his studies, he has written for various magazines and now taking hold in Berlin. In the focus of his journalistic work, particularly the opportunities and challenges are so that it deals with the complex subject of Blockchain and Kryptowährungen for some time.

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