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Arker: The Legend of Ohm’s P2E Game Metaverse Is Evolving Into An Immersive 3D World

The blockchain-based NFT game Arker: The Legend of Ohm is evolving into something altogether more immersive and more playable, with the coming launch of a 3D version of its virtual fantasy world set to arrive later this year.

Arker is one of the most playable play-to-earn games around. Gamers take on the role of an NFT-based character and their pet, from where they embark on an epic quest to regain control of the dominion of Ohm. Thanks to the P2E model, users in Arker can obtain items, use them or sell them in the marketplace for financial rewards and take part in a series of player-vs-player or player-vs-environment battles, with daily missions and quests. Meanwhile the social element allows players to join up with a guild to participate in guild wars, play special events and more.

With a variety of different characters, runes, equipment, pets and an incredible PVP / PVE experience, Arker has already become one of the most popular blockchain games on Android, iOS and Windows devices. However, it’s about to get a lot better as the game metamorphosizes into a more immersive, 3D metaverse that will allow players to become a part of the gaming environment.

Powered by Unreal Engine 5, the 3D Version of Arker promises some incredible graphics. Players will be able to explore the entire city of Ohm at their leisure, creeping down dark streets, venturing inside buildings and visiting the busy marketplace to acquire new weapons, ready for newer and progressively more difficult challenges. Within this new 3D metaverse, players will able to meet their friends, chat with them, fight them in one-on-one battles or team up to complete different quests together. The possibilities are almost infinite and with the 3D version, there will be even more gaming options. New metagames will enable impromptu street football, parkour graffiti and more.


While the 3D version is aimed at gamers with more powerful computing hardware, the 2D version of the game is not being neglected in any way. It will continue to be accessible on mobile devices and older PCs, with cross-play ensuring that players can rejoin the game in both environments. So, for example, players can use their existing account the first time they play the 3D version, carrying all of their progress, upgrades and rewards into the new version – and vice versa.

There will however be additional game modes and content in the 3D version that’s not supported in the 2D world.

Arker said it’s still working on finalizing the details of its 3D world. It’s expecting to launch an Alpha test of the 3D environment later this year, when select players will be able to help iron out any bugs and issues ahead of a full launch sometime next year.

In the meantime Arker said it will continue to introduce updates to the 2D version, with improved graphics, a superior economic system and more game functionality promised.

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