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Token of Pong and Atari

article read crypto token – Atari goes let:

Atari, the old video game company, plans to develop by Kryptowährungen. The Atari should be within an entertainment platform, used Pong token in the scope of the gambling tokens. Whether these projects better than recent projects such as Atari box develop is still unclear. 

The older semesters under us Atari will be still a term: long before the PlayStation, Wii or Xbox was divided up the video game world yet among other companies. With the 1977 game console released Atari 2600 has written the company of video game history. Over time, the company from the throne have encountered while Nintendo and Sega, however it could with game legends such as space vaters, Pong or PAC man still remain in memory.

Atari had a shadowy existence since the beginning of the third millennium. Gradually, you set the sales outside of North America. There were big waves of termination and early 2013 the company had to file for bankruptcy. They were able to avoid it though, but the company was still active. It entered the market of the online casinos and is currently working on a new console called Atari box.

Atari: gains thanks to Kryptowährung

before a week has announced Atari, to take action in the area of Kryptowährungen. One they plan to use a so called Atari token for an entertainment platform. The second Atari together with the want to build online casinos focused company pari play on games of chance, where the Pong token should be the internal currency.

Frederic Chesnais, the CEO of Atari, has found very positive words for Kryptowährungen and Blockchain technology in an announcement:

“the Blockchain technology is important in our world take on a role. It will transform current economic systems and perhaps revolutionize what will show up especially in the video game industry, and in the area of online transactions.”

The announcement did well Atari anyway:

within a week the rate doubled almost. It is currently unclear whether this announcement Atari helps but in the longer term. It is certain that such announcements must be followed by action. Use cases must be developed that are not achievable with existing opportunities. Whether for online gambling and the entertainment industry are the right approaches, it can confidently be doubtful.


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 Dr. Philipp Giese works as an analyst for BTC-ECHO Dr. Philipp Giese and is specialized in the areas of chart analysis and technology. Also he actively engaged in the crypto community – online as a central point of contact in the slack BTC-ECHO channel, as well as offline as a speaker and interviewer he always maintains the Exchange with startups, developers and visionaries. The PhD physicist can draw on many years of experience as a project manager and technology consultant. Philipp delights here not only for the technological dimension of Kryptowährungen, but also for the underlying socio-economic vision for many years.

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