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Update for Coincheck & NEM: after attack countermeasures be announced aloud


the Japanese crypto Exchange Coincheck today announced that she will try their users after the attack on the night of To meet Thursday on Friday. She will repay a total of $ 425 million to verprellten users now while the non Foundation working on a tracking system for the lost NEM.

As we reported on Friday the Japanese stock market Coincheck succumbed to a comparatively very large attack on the system. So have transferred unknown NEM in the value of 58 trillion yen from the stock exchange. As it soon turned out, it was an attack that took advantage of the vulnerabilities of the stock exchange. Coincheck reacted by she stopped all the activities on the stock exchange. Although further thefts were prevented. The missing NEM and ripple could not however be restored for the time being.

As you now can see from blog her, Coincheck will now meet their users. So, they want to repay the lost NEM users. This calculated – so from the moment an average price from Friday to Sunday, as all transactions have been frozen until the moment when the stock exchange announced the repayments.

As you can also see the home page, is the amount of lost NEM 523 million. It is estimated that they belonged to about 260,000 users. All users who were affected by the attack, want to pay their losses in Yen the operator therefore through the wallet of the stock exchange.

NEM Announces tracking system

also the non Foundation responded immediately to the attack. So to announced they immediately to develop a tracking system. Thus, it should be possible to track lost NEM.

“the non Foundation working on solutions to help CoinCheck and make sure that the NEM community is safe. Due our structure and our advanced API, we are currently with stock exchanges in contact and explore three different ways. However, due to the exact structure of these options and related security concerns, we can give out any further details, as we deal with the problem.”

As it turned out in the course of the weekend, the stolen precious metal on a poorly secured light-wallet were stored. According to the current state of things, the attack was only the theft of precious metal, the ripple transaction was probably a regular.


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