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What is value of Bitcoin? Fluctuations between the exchanges read

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fluctuations are most concerned with Kryptowährungen, used. Also, not uncommon is that the course is changing within a day in the double-digit percentage range. But why there are these changes not only within the course, but also between different exchanges?

The response leaves tapering to a single set: Bitcoin course is nowhere written down. It gets its value in turn from supply and demand.

Because the price of a Bitcoin is composed always resulting how much a seller it requires and how much a buyer is willing to pay for them. The exchanges take a mediating role and thereby ensure an agreement between the parties. Depending on what you just are Stock Exchange this difference (minus emerging cost) is composed differently.

Geopolitical factors add to the point of view of supply and demand. Depending on where the respective Stock Exchange is established, it can be that the price due to regulatory hurdles such as taxes or the economy is influenced. The size it can take, shows the country Zimbabwe.

The case of Zimbabwe – extreme example of fluctuations

in Zimbabwe differs the Bitcoin price extremely from the current market price. As he noted at the time of publication at $ 17.379. The average price of the stock exchanges listed in Coinmarketcap is compared with $ 11.380 – a difference of nearly $ 6,000. To explain this then but significant difference, a look at the must be thrown to economic and political situation .

When the autocratic President Mugabe has been replaced by the military, the country was already in financial ruin. The Zimbabwe dollar was completely abolished after inflation of up to 230 million %. Now among other things the US dollar took his place. Due to lack of exports but there was not enough of it, physical banknotes are still in short supply.

But even the dollar is not as much value as it should be actually worth . So we paid 120 electronic $ physical money in the January 2017 for $ 100. In November, it was then already 180.

added is that banks can not automatically print the dollar because it’s a foreign currency. The result is that, at ATMs, hardly any money can be paid out, transfers abroad are virtually impossible – even the Government has problems to transfer money abroad.

Lack of confidence in banks

also there are many people who want to work abroad and support their families in Zimbabwe. The problem: Banks gobble up a large part of the sums of money sent. So lacks confidence in the institutions, foreign currencies lose quickly value in Zimbabwe.

So, the call for alternative currencies was great. Despite the time and again be volatility seemed Kryptowährungen mangelten the Bitcoin here safer than the preceding options. So, many have invested their existing assets in Bitcoin to protect it from decline in value.

Thus it is not the inflation and the banks to the victims on the one, on the other hand, people can make international payments.

So, the many possibilities that distinguish the Bitcoin from conventional payment methods in the country, make it more attractive. Ultimately, through its benefits and its function as a store of value, he has added value. Therefore, people have more confidence in the Kryptowährung than in all other alternatives.

This seller can ask for more for this and the buyers are willing to pay more for it – especially if they rid insecure assets from old stocks as a result.

Arbitrage in Zimbabwe? At a price difference of $ 6,000 per Bitcoin tips trader the ears – why not simply Bitcoin transfer to Zimbabwe and make profit there better not


The answer has already been described in principle: the money would probably no longer have to leave the country. To register with the African stock market Golix, you need a local bank account? Since all Fiat money flows back through the central banks, it falls either in value or is lost on the way.

For the same reason it would buy Simbabe people not on external markets. The money can happen hardly limits simply because it simply does not exist. More value than its dollar price has the Bitcoin as payment and value storage in Zimbabwe.

In principle receives its value of Bitcoin in Zimbabwe through its applicability. In its originally intended meaning as decentralized means of payment and currency alternative, he is worth even more than its price.


Phillip Horch Phillip

 Phillip Horch Horch has completed his master’s degree in literature-art media at the University of Konstanz in the October 2017, and has since worked as a freelance journalist. Already during his studies, he has written for various magazines and now taking hold in Berlin. In the focus of his journalistic work, particularly the opportunities and challenges are so that it deals with the complex subject of Blockchain and Kryptowährungen for some time.

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