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Wyoming: read

article let bills for Kryptowährungen & Blockchain:

with Wyoming the second instead of the US Federal Register for acceptance of Kryptowährungen and the Blockchain industry this week to Word, a legal ground want to prepare. Two draft bills including the initiators demand to legalize Kryptowährungen.

And yet a State, by the adaptation is being driven by bit coin & co. So proponents of bit coin & co have submitted two bills last week, which have the adaptation of Blockchain technology on the subject.

The two bills were passed by the House of representatives and are now on their way to the Senate. If the designs there are approved, they will go on to the Governor. The first draft of the Bill relates to the legality of activities in connection with Kryptowährungen. In the draft, the Intitiatoren first request a legal basis for the Kryptohandel.

They call on draft in add an exception for Kryptowährungen in the money transmission Act. Ask that Kryptowährungen be recognized as “digital representations of value” as a “medium to Exchange” and “Value storage medium”.

The second Bill refers to the implementation of Blockchain technology in the infrastructure of the State. Thus it should be possible for companies to store their documents on the Blockchain.

Wyoming, the new Blockchain capital of the world

one of the Intitiatoren was optimistic:
“we could be within a few years the Blockchain capital of the world – this is a very realistic Outlook. Alone in view of the numerous number of companies that have contacted us in the past week alone. I don’t know whether it is a response to the problems of Wyoming – but it won’t hurt.”

It remains to be seen whether Tyler Lindholm thus will be proven right. Finally, Wyoming is not the first State which deals with the distribution of the Blockchain technology. Recently, we reported on similar advances Arizona in . To prepare the ground for acceptance of Blockchain technology, not a wrong idea is for sure – it won’t hurt.


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